Travel Routine Pt. 3

Not a myth: UV rays harm skin. You can cite the NIH, CNN, and your mother on this. Direct sun exposure regularly puts sunbathers, nudists, and other civilians at higher risk for cancer—but there’s also a host of other ways the sun funks with your skin.Shigeto’s new EP, Weighted, sees release this week. Soon after Zach Saginaw and his live ensemble embark on a west coast tour of North America. It’s a busy stretch, but Saginaw found a window to reflect on his time last spring in Japan, which was all captured by photographer Laura Lewis (including some crate digging with Gold Panda).

"Growing up in the mid-west being Japanese American I didn’t have a strong sense of identity. My Japanese heritage always spoke to me and showed itself in interesting ways throughout my life. Whether it was getting nigiri in my lunch box in school or eating mochi on new years. Since I never learned to speak Japanese growing up, I think primary as a result of the Internment Camps during WWI! I chose my middle name “Shigeto” as my musical alias to pay homage to my Great Grandfather and Japanese ancestry.

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